BCA Stands for the Bachelor in Computer Application.BCA is 3 year graduation degree course generally for those students who wants to learn Computer languages and after that who wants to join Software http://companies.InToday time every course have its own importance.BCA have also there own.Some students who were not able to take 4 year BTech graduation degree course in Computer Science branch,they join the BCA course.

Future Scope

There may be two chances of future scope-

  • One can go for the job in software companies like Info-sys,TCS,Google,Tech-Mehendra,Patni,WIPRO and some others software companies.
  • If one do not want to do job after BCA ,then he/she may go for the higher studies.They may do MCA or MBA course depending on there interest.But we highly recommend to do MCA course after the BCA as it adds more value to your resume.

Salary Expectation

One can expect minimum of 8000/-Rs after doing the BCA course.Starting salary is low but after onwards as experiences increased your salary would also increases.You may expect up to 30k to 40k after having 2 or more years experience.

Source : BCA Course Details (Bachelor in Computer Application) - Student Study Hub

Why shoud I do this course?

If you are an average student which is having to do something in software engineering , development or research , but unable to achieve through B.Tech as it’s required may be some brilliant mind. So BCA is another way to get the same goal which one will get through B.Tech(CS).


Important Dates

Academic Approch

Learning Methodology

Course Syllabus


This course offers the following modules:

First Year

Semister 1

  • English Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Problem Solving using Computer
  • Programming using C++
  • Lab: Mathematics
  • Lab: Problem Solving using Computer
  • Lab: Programming using C++

Semister 2

  • Environmental Studies
  • Statistics
  • Data Structure using C++
  • Computer Networks
  • Lab: Statistics
  • Lab: Data Structure using C++
  • Lab: Computer Networks

Second Year

Semister 3

  • IT and E-learning Skills
  • Oprating System
  • Web Technologies
  • Database Management System
  • Lab: Operating System
  • Lab: Web Technologies
  • Lab: Database Management System

Semister 4

  • Financial and Investment Skill
  • Computer System Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Java
  • Lab: Computer System Architecture
  • Lab: Software Engineering
  • Lab: JAVA

Third Year

Semister 5

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • E Commerce Technologies
  • Advanced JAVA
  • LINUX Administration
  • Lab: E Commerce Technologies
  • Lab: Advance JAVA
  • Lab: LINUX Administration

Semister 6

  • Personality and Career Skills
  • Android Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • Lab: Android Programming
  • Lab: PHP Programming
  • Project BCA

Course Duration




Any student who have passed the 12th class minimum of 55% marks in there 12th class can join the BCA course.There is no compulsion of having Physics,Chemistry and Maths subject in the 12th class.Even Arts and Commerce students can also join this course.

Fees Installment

Year Total Fee (Rupees)
F Y 19100
S Y 22100
T Y 16100
Direct S Y 24100

Admission Process

  • The learner should go to the Darpan Computer - Koregaon. To find out a centre nearest to you, click here.
  • The learner should fill an application form available at the Darpan Computer - Koregaon, along with the prescribed fees.  The fees can be paid in two modes.
  • Relevant documents to be carried at the time of admission are :
    • Xerox copy of Photo Id proof signed by the learner
    • 1 copy of passport size photograph (color or Black & White)
  • Once the learner submits his/her details, relevant documents and pays the fees, the Darpan Computer coordinator will fill the learner details in the darpan computer software and upload the learner data. Further, the Darpan computer coordinator will hand over a fee receipt.
  • Learner is expected to verify the online details filled in by Darpan Computer.
  • Darpan Computer coordinator will hand over the study material whose cost is already included in the fee.  The book is provided as per the medium selected by the learner (English, Marathi, Hindi)
  • After the learner receives the  study material, the learner is eligible to start learning instantly through ERA, using his User ID and password

Study Materials

Instruction for learners