21st century is identified as Century of Information Technology, Computer and Internet are popular mediums of rapid development of this century, Lifestyle of people is improved due to Computer. By identifying need of such rapid growing century, We open Darpan Education Society in Koregaon - Satara on 4 January 2006,& invented Darpan Computer Institute.

Because of this many students in rural region were able to learn Computer Knowledge. Bacause of Darpan Computers, many poor, backward class students can be able to learn advanced computer knowledge.

By teaching MS-CIT, TALLY, DTP etc. courses, we created a well educated young generation. By achieving great response, we got the permission to start a new course in computer field-B.C.A, after starting the B.C.A college in 2008, we also achieve great response to this course also. Then besause of students demand, second branch of Darpan Computer is opened at Rahimatpur. Our Many Students will successfully settelled because of success and hardwork of Darpan Computer and students.

All Credit will goes to our dynamic working environment, In November 2012, By taking permission of MSCE Pune, We opened Darpan Typewriting, Koregaon. After that Computer typing course is also made available to students. By the way of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, Government of Maharashtra will conduct very useful Computer learning scheme. In last 10 years, more than 50 lakh students learned MKCL’s(Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited) MS-CIT course.

By teaching the computer knowledge at villege level, MKCL succeed to develop many changes in society. MS-CIT had helped more than 1 lakh students to decide their aim and direction of career. For this, Darpan Education Society had took goal to give computer education. Nowdays, We also started more new courses: Web Designing, C, C++, CLIK ENGLISH, in reasonable fees by providing standard teaching environment, separate pc’s per student, Wifi campus, projector, Time to time lectures.

Today, Darpan is an Active Education center. We promise to students that in future also we offer modern courses & improve their technical knowledge.