Klic English


This is MKCL’s flagship course with high quality course material which emphasizes on English.
Communication and blend of Soft Skills. This course offers detailed understanding and hands on experience of not only English Communication but also about the Soft Skills.

Why take admission?

  • English is most used language in today’s world. Knowledge of English communication creates the influential personality. The blend of Soft Skills with English Communication gives extra advantage to aspirant and gives him/her the added edge over others to become employable.
  • KLiC ENGLISH Course is perfect combination of English Communication and Soft Skills. In this course the emphasis is not only about learning English but is to make the aspirant speak till the basic level by the end of the course. The Soft Skills part of the course gives catalytic effect and creates perfect blend for this course.
  • Aspirant is taken through the journey from unknown to known. The confidence to speak in English is definitely raised. The interactive sessions in this course with help of real life case studies makes the aspirant to comfortable to connect with English Communication and Soft Skills.


  • This course is recognized by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL). MKCL will provide the Expert Certificate subject to fulfillment of requisite criteria. Expert certificate is provided as the appreciation of additional work for the said course in form of mini-projects.

Important Dates

Academic Approch

Learning Methodology

Learning methodology for a learner comprises of the following actions:

  • Going through eLearning sessions.
  • Solving activities, interactivities and exercises in eContent.
  • Solving assignments and creating Processfolios.
  • Read the chapters from the book.
  • Solve activities at the end of each chapter and follow the action agenda in real life.
  • Discuss difficulties with learning facilitator and with peers.
  • Interact with peers and practice communication skills in English. i.e. converse in English, complete suggested group activities.

Course Syllabus


The syllabus has been standardized at par with CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standards.

The Syllabus ensures that the following skills are achieved:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Conversing
  • Reading
  • Writing

To acquire these skills the course covers vividly the below given elements:

  • 1. Context Topics: To ensure that effective communication is attained in relevant domain/subject area.
  • Grammar Topics: To ascertain that the learner is well versed with the language correctly.
  • Soft Skills Topics: To understand and develop positive life skills


  • 1. Routine life subject areas like Home and surrounding, Food, Dressing, animals & birds, Weather, Environment, Natural Disasters
  • Behaviour subjects like Greetings, Requests, Hobbies, Health & Hygiene, family, relatives, neighbours
  • Places based subjects like City & Village life, farms, Garden, public places, office/workplace,
  • Discussion topics like Travelling, news, jobs, nationalities, Education, Dreams, Future Plans, Remembering Past, Current affairs
  • Event based topics like festivals, holidays, picnics, meetings, Television/ Films, Social Media
  • Technology based topics like Computers, Science & Technology


  • Psychology of Success
  • . Self-Awareness
  • Goals and Obstacles
  • Self Esteem
  • Positive Thinking
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Motivation
  • Managing Your Resources
  • Communication and Relationships


  • Verbs - Auxiliary & Action with Prepositions & Nouns and Demonstrative Determiners like This, That
  • Articles & Nouns (Countable- Plurals) , Conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • Tenses
  • WH-Interrogative with WORDS that are Both Nouns & Verbs + mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs
  • Proper Nouns & Possessives & Modal Verbs (Can, could), Nouns & Adjectives Homophones
  • Gerunds+ Participles+ Infinitive With Phrasal Verbs
  • Types of Sentences - Positive to Negative & Question tags, Imperative & Exclamatory, Assertive, Interrogative
  • Phrases with Antonyms & Synonyms
  • Direct - Indirect Speech , Subjunctive
  • Comparatives and Superlatives
  • Active-passive voice (Transitive-Intransitive Verbs)

Course Duration

Course Duration
Lecture Hours 50 (1 Hour per Day)
Lab Hours 50 (1 Hour per Day)
50 (1 Hour per Day) 30 Hours
Extra Lab Practice 7 Hours
Extra Classroom Practice 7 Hours
Total Hours 144 Hours

Every batch has 2 and 3 months course duration option


The course is available in English.


MS-CIT passed preferred.
Should preferably be a 10th/12th Std. passed student. (Not compulsory.)
Going through eLearning sessions.
Solving activities, interactivities and exercises in eContent.
Solving assignments and creating Processfolios.
Read the chapters from the book.
Solve activities at the end of each chapter and follow the action agenda in real life.
Discuss difficulties with learning facilitator and with peers
Interact with peers and practice communication skills in English i.e. converse in English, complete suggested group activities.

Minimum Previous Knowledge

  • Learner is literate.
  • Learner can read, write and pronounce English alphabets.
  • Learner can listen, speak, read and write English sentences.
  • Learner has passed secondary school examination in English as a third language.
  • Learner has an exposure to frequently used English words in colloquial communication such as – left, right, straight, mobile, tv, phone, boy, girl, home, school, office, time, screen, mouse, headphone, keyboard etc. Such exposure is through communications with people and community, through television programs and other mass communication channels.
  • Learner has no physical disability to listen, speak, read, write and comprehend.
  • Learner can use keyboard, mouse, ear phones / headphones and knows basic actions with terminology such as clicking, scrolling, recording etc.

Fees Installment

The candidate will be enrolled to KLiC Certificate in English Communication and Soft Skills. Receipt will be given with course name as “KLiC Certificate in English Communication and Soft Skills”.

MKCL Expert Certificate will be given to learner with course name of KLiC ENGLISH in appreciation of additional work performed by learner and subject to fulfilment of requisite criteria.

Fee Installment
Mode Total Fee (Rs) 1st Installment (Rs) 2nd Installment (Rs)
Single Installment 4300 4300 N/A
Two Installment 4500 2250 2250

Admission Process

  • The learner should go to the Darpan Computer - Koregaon. To find out a centre nearest to you, click here.
  • The learner should fill an application form available at the Darpan Computer - Koregaon, along with the prescribed fees.  The fees can be paid in two modes.
  • Relevant documents to be carried at the time of admission are :
    • Xerox copy of Photo Id proof signed by the learner
    • 1 copy of passport size photograph (color or Black & White)
  • Once the learner submits his/her details, relevant documents and pays the fees, the Darpan Computer coordinator will fill the learner details in the darpan computer software and upload the learner data. Further, the Darpan computer coordinator will hand over a fee receipt.
  • Learner is expected to verify the online details filled in by Darpan Computer.
  • Darpan Computer coordinator will hand over the study material whose cost is already included in the fee.  The book is provided as per the medium selected by the learner (English, Marathi, Hindi)
  • After the learner receives the  study material, the learner is eligible to start learning instantly through ERA, using his User ID and password

Study Materials

Instruction for learners


Klic English Video